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pixietarantino ([personal profile] pixietarantino) wrote2015-12-03 10:16 pm

So I should tell you about me.

 My real name is [redacted]. Here on teh interwebz, I usually go by Wyn. I'm pixietarantino because my sister started calling me Pixie as a nickname when we were teenagers (think Tinkerbell, not terrifying sentient beings of unknown powers who will do weird shit to you if you make a deal while drunk or fall asleep in the wrong place), and then one day recently I was remarking on my taste for violent entertainment and she said "Okay, Pixie Tarantino." 

Violent Sparkles is my aesthetic. 

I read things (fic, lit crit, long-ass books of everything) and I write things (conference papers, theoretically a dissertation, fic for my dearest fandoms), and I not infrequently rant about things that bother me (ambiguous antecedents, misogyny in the workplace, an inadequate supply of hard cider). I also sometimes cosplay, for which purposes I prefer a tutu (but if you've got a good Victorian outfit, that's negotiable). I love Star Wars, New Who, Penny Dreadful, (almost) anything by Matthew Stover, and theories of intertexuality. 

If you were so unfortunate (or misguided) as to find yourself here ... welcome! Enjoy your stay. :)